Academic Seminars, Spring Semester 2019-2020

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Spring Semester 2019-2020
University of Piraeus
School of Finance and Statistics
Department of Banking and Financial Management


Organizers: Michail Anthropelos, George Skiadopoulos


March 5, 2020Anastasis KagkadisUniversity of LancasterFlexible Production Technology, Systematic Risk, and Stock-Level Investment Anomalies
May 7, 2020Thanos VerousisUniversity of EssexThe Influence of Behavioural Factors on Payment Method Choice: A survey of UK adults’ attitudes and intentions
May 14, 2020Iordanis KalaitzoglouUniversity of AudenciaTime Will Tell! Towards the construction of instantaneous indicators of behavioural biases
May 28, 2020Dimitris PapadimitriouUniversity of BristolSentiment and speculation in a market with heterogeneous beliefs
June 4, 2020Carola FrydmanNorthwestern University