Financial Theory

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Course Name: Financial Theory

Teachers: George Skiadopoulos

School: Finance and Statistics

Department: Banking and Financial Management

Level: Undergraduate

Course ID: ΧΡΘΕΡ01 Semester: 6th

Course Type: Core Course

Prerequisites: –

Teaching and Exams Language: Greek

Course Availability to Erasmus Students: No

Course webpage: 

Specific Teaching Activities

Weekly Teaching HoursCredit Units

Course Content

Eight Sections:

Expected Utility, Stochastic Dominance, Portfolio Choice, Markowitz Theory, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Arbitrage Pricing Theory, Complete Markets, CCAPM

Teaching Results

Students will become familiar with the foundations of Financial Theory. This is a compulsory course that covers topics such as expected utility theory, portfolio choice under uncertainty, Markowitz theory, the foundations and use of the Capital Asset Pricing Model, Arbitrage Pricing Theory, complete markets and Consumption CAPM (the last section is subject to time constraints.)


Teaching and Learning Methods - Evaluation

Lecture: Ιn Class

Use of Information and Communication Technologies: Use of PowerPoint

Teaching Analysis: 


Semester Workload

Student Evaluation:

2 hour final exam. Exam is in Greek. The exam consists of 4 essay questions with sub-questions. The number of graded points which correspond to each question are shown next to each question

Recommended Bibliography

-Suggested bibliography:



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