Valuation of Complex Securities in the Energy Space


National Bank of Greece, Athens
23/9 - 27/9 2024

The fundamental goal of this course is to:

  • Provide an overview of the various types of capital structures/equity securities/management equity awards that are part of complex business transactions that are performed by the biggest institutional investors in the world.
  • Provide thought leadership content in terms of appropriateness/limitations/challenges of the various approaches and a hands on experience in real world scenarios.
  • Present case studies with the valuation of complex pre-IPO equity interests in the energy space and the application of various approaches contemplated within the duration of the course

Participants will get unparalleled insights into the real world of complex valuations performed in the US and worldwide and hear from the Thought Leaders in this space.


1.Valuation of Private Equity

  • Description of the valuation of single class or multi class capital structures with static or dynamic assumptions framework (OPM), Pros and Cons, limitations and applicability
  • Online presentation by a US expert of Private Equity and Venture Capital valuation approaches

2.Valuation of business combinations and contingent consideration liabilities (Earnouts) for companies in the Energy Space and Introduction to Portfolio Valuation

  • Introduction in the Earnout framework (specific examples, main methodologies employed for Earnout valuations and key assumptions)
  • Real life case study of Earnout based on energy-related underlying metric
  • Online presentation of portfolio valuation approaches by a US expert

3. Portfolio Valuation for companies in the Energy Space

  • Python Workshop – Modelling and simulations for energy assets valuation
  • Online presentation by a US expert of real life case studies of valuation of an energy company utilizing different approaches (Guideline Public Companies, Comparable Transactions, Acreage Methodology, Income Approach)

4. Measuring ESG Risk Premia with contingent claims

  • ESG based derivatives (ESG swaps, bonds, etc.), trend observed in markets and valuation methodologies
  • Hedging of risk utilizing derivatives & hedge effectiveness measurement methodologies based on IFRS and US GAAP standards


Ioannis Michopoulos, M.Fin., Quantitative Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management
Director – Valuation Advisory

Andre Denis, M.S., Finance, University of Texas at Austin
Vice President – Valuation Advisory

Ioannis Nikoloudakis, M.S., Accounting and Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business
Vice President – Valuation Advisory

Theodoros Koutris, M.S., Banking and Finance, University of Piraeus
Associate – Valuation Advisory

Alexandros Bougias, B.S., Accounting and Finance, Athens University of Economics and Business
Analyst – Valuation Advisory

Fees and Payment

For Professionals and Academics, the cost is 300€

For Active Students and People not in Employment, the cost is 200€



Professor Nicholas Apergis – napergis @

Associate Professor Dimitrios Voliotis – dvoliotis @