Institute of Finance and Financial Regulation

The Institute of Finance and Financial Regulation (IFFR,  is an International Research Centre of Excellence, founded recently under the auspices of the Department of Banking and Financial Management of the University of Piraeus. It’s mission is to provide high quality applied research, executive training, and consulting services on a project basis in the fields of related areas such as asset management, asset pricing, FinTech, risk management and financial regulation with a view to its practical applications and implications. As a result, its aim is to bridge the gap between academia and the industry and thus ultimately providing a think tank on questions of interest to policy makers, regulators and investors.

IFFR is based in Athens, Greece, yet it is a high quality international applied research hub in Finance and Financial Regulation.  Its board of Fellows consists of world renowned academics from leading universities, and professionals who have marked their footprint to the functioning of financial markets as IFFR . You can find more information about IFFR at