Dear Prospective Candidate,

On behalf of my colleagues at the Department of Banking and Finance of the University of Piraeus I would like to extend my warm appreciation for your interest in our MSc. Program and to encourage you to examine carefully its educational capabilities.

The continuous interaction between theory and practice exhibits particular intensity in Finance. World wide money and capital markets attract enormous attention not only due to their sheer volume but also because their complexity, the speed of innovations, and the multifaceted impact on human welfare constitute a major challenge for our civilization.Our program is especially designed to cope with the high demands of modern banking and finance.

Ten years of productive operation of our MSc. Program has provided Business and Financial Institutions with talented men and women who have already gained recognition in a demanding and competitive environment.Our graduates have both sound theoretical training and a firm grasp of modern structures techniques and products.

The current and future value and reliability of your prospective degree is ascertained by the excellent cooperation of students and faculty in our Department. Our major effort is towards preserving the high quality of instruction and student enthusiasm.

The Faculty of our Department has an impressive academic record of contributing in research both at home and internationally. They have also the experience of participating through consulting and/or outright involvement with major institutions at home and abroad. Their research and professional experience are not only necessary for scientific promotion but also provide for better propagation of knowledge to you.

Finally, our Department works closely with Corporations whose donations towards replenishing our infrastructure and providing for assistantships and other awards of excellence, further enrich our Program and alongside with the operation of a full time Doctoral Program guarantee its continuous progress and enhancement.