Welcome to the Department of Banking and Financial Management

To prepare students to enter the field of finance, this department offers a comprehensive degree with classes in investments, financial planning, derivative markets, corporate finance, banking, the macroeconomy and the financial sector, financial econometrics and many others. Finance is also one of the most practical majors where students can learn how to invest for their personal profits, how to get prepared for their retirement, how to finance a home purchase or the purchase of a brand new car.

In this department we expect our students to learn both the theory and applications of the many topics covered in class. For instance, our students will be prepared to deal with the viability of a new product, with trading in futures and options, with analyzing what price of housing they can afford or with modeling of a lease versus purchase problem.
I am more than sure you will have many questions as you seek information on the various topics offered in our
department. Feel free to use all the communication options you find in our site. Our department looks forward to helping you develop academically and professionally. After all, we cannot promise you the world. The only thing we can promise you is that upon graduation you can feel ready to change the (financial) world.

Seraina Anagnostopoulou
Professor and Chair
Department of Banking and Financial Management
University of Piraeus


1st in the CFA Challenge finals, for two consecutive years (2019, 2020)


21st place in the world rankings of the Financial Economics and Finance Departments, acording to REPEC ( Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis)


302nd in the world rankings (Arizona State University), ranked by the number of articles published in the top 5 economic journals


30 years since the creation of the department


23 years from the creation of our first MSc program


10 years since the creation of the first greek MSc Program in Financial Economics for Law Practicioners