Academic Seminars Fall Semester 2015 – 2016

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Fall Semester 2015 – 2016
University of Piraeus, Department of Banking and Financial Management


Organizers: Dimitrios Voliotis, Michail Anthropelos


Th, Oct. 22, 16:15 -18:00
Moshe Kim, University of Haifa and NYU Shanghai
The effect of social capital on the price of financial capital 

Th, Oct. 29, 16:15 -18:00


Panagiotis Konstantinou, Athens University of Economics

The Effects of the Sovereign Debt Crisis on EU Bank Portfolio Holdings

Th, Nov. 5, 16:15 -18:00

Loukas Balafoutas, University of Innsbruck, Austria

Fraud in credence goods markets: Evidence from the lab and the field 

Th, Nov. 12, 16:15 -18:00

Ramin Baghai, Stockholm School of Economics

Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest 

Th, Nov. 19, 16:15 -18:00

Leonidas Rompolis, Athens University of Economics and Business

Recovering the market risk premium from stock and option prices” coauthored with George Chalamandaris 


Th, Nov. 26, 16:15 -18:00

Felix Kubler, University of Zurich



Th, Dec. 10, 16:15 -18:00

Anastasios Magdalinos, University of Southampton

Robust Econometric Inference in Systems of Cointegrating and Predictive Regressions coauthored with Peter C. B. Phillips

Professor Anastasios Magdalinos's photo

Th, Dec. 17, 16:15 -18:00

George Skoulakis, University of British Columbia

Ex-post Risk Premia Tests using Individual Stocks: The IV-GMM solution to the EIV problem

Georgios Skoulakis

The seminars take place in room # 013, Ground floor, University of Piraeus, #80 Karaoli & Dimitriou street, Piraeus, Greece

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