PhD – Structure & Philosophy

The first-year core courses lay the foundations for high-quality theoretical and applied research, publishable in first-rate international academic journals. They develop technical skills and cultivate critical thinking. They teach the analytical tools necessary for research and provide strong theoretical foundations in the main fields of finance.

Students benefit from the extensive interaction with the distinguished faculty of the Department, whose academic interests cover most fields of finance. Moreover, the doctoral students are encouraged, and supported financially, to present their research in international conferences and to visit top-tieracademic departments in Europe and the USA.

The core courses, together with the extensive interaction with the faculty, allow students to acquire a broad perspective of the discipline, as well as a deep understanding of analytical tools and techniques used in financial research, and, at the same time, specialize in the specific area of their interest.

The program encourages the cross-fertilization of ideas from different scientific fields, student initiative and the experimentation with novel ideas and applications. To this end, it seeks top applicants, from Greece and abroad, irrespective of educational background. However, prospective students with technical/quantitative background are highly encouraged to apply. In addition, well-known academics from European and American universities are invited for lectures and classes.

Due to the demanding requirements of the program, only full-time students are accepted.

Pursuing a doctoral degree is a life-time investment and requires commensurate effort, determination, perseverance and self-discipline.