Department Information

Department’s History – Description of the Department

The Department of Banking and Financial Management was created in 1989 and is the only one in the field of Banking and Finance in Greece.

The curriculum is comparable with the respective curricula of the foreign Universities, is adjusted to the Greek reality and aims at covering the educational needs of the financial sector of the country. In particular, apart from extended emphasis in Economic Analysis Quantitative Methods and Social Sciences, studies in the Department of Banking and Financial Management offer basic knowledge in the operation of enterprises, credit institutions and money and capital markets.

Special emphasis is given in the following aspects:

  1. the role of the financial manager of a modern corporation in achieving business targets, in financial planning and reporting and in rasing and using funds,
  2. the structure and functions of banking institutions,
  3. money and capital markets, particularly the functions of Stock Exchanges, portfolio management using options, futures, hedging and swaps,
  4. the structure and functions of investment banking firms with special emphasis in their activities concerning mergers, takeovers and divestitures,
  5. international banking and international banking institutions,
  6. the use of microcomputers and related applications for analysing and presenting data for solving financial problems.

The curriculum accommodates the professional needs of students who wish to become executives in private and state enterprises, banks and other profit-making and non-for-profit institutions.

With this curriculum, the Department deals with the present and future needs of the country in specialised administrative and business executives in all sectors of Department of Banking and Financial Management.