Selecting Graduate Program

At today’s working environment of international banking markets and of multinational enterprises, the challenges that executives face are increasing, since the executives form the heart of each company and their quality determines its potentials.

The globalized economy and the international competition imply ever increasing demands of quality, innovation and adjustment of knowledge on behalf of the executives. Especially, it the financial sector, the changes are continuous and exponential, a fact that makes necessary the lifelong learning for those who wish their vocational evolution. Ten years ago, concepts like “value at risk”, “refund corrected to the risk”, “structured bond”, “hedge funds” etc were unknown, while today they form the backbone of the system.

The Master in Banking and Financial Management is the first step in the marathon race of renewal and adaptation of the knowledge, in the area of Finance. It fosters the critical thinking, teaches innovation and equips the students with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge, so as they can integrate themselves successfully into the current labor environment and to have the capability of renewal and adaptation of their knowledge at the future progress of financing.