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Π.Μ.Σ στη «Χρηματοοικονομική και Τραπεζική»

M.Sc. in Banking and Finance

| Principles of the Graduate Program

The Graduate Program is characterized by its unique innovative and pioneering features within the Greek and European standards.

More specifically, they are:

  • The direct and consistent communication between teachers and students. The process is characterized by the careful recruitment of students, as well as the students’ active participation in the Department’s activities, either as teaching/research assistants or as volunteers,
  • The provision of fellowships based on students’ academic performance,
  • Emphasis on qualitative teaching,
  • The significant variety of offered courses and their frequent modification based on a consistent communication with the private sector,
  • The taking advantage of the technology’s capacity to assist the synchronous methods in teaching, via:
    • The electronic distribution of teaching material (notes and homework)
    • The assistance of lectures by the employment of several multi media
    • The collection and analysis of real economic and corporate data from online databases
    • The direct contact about the progress of domestic and international financial markets in real time.
  • The constant expression of interest for the students’ progress not only during the program’s duration, but also even after the student’s graduation.

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