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Dept. of Banking and Financial Management
E-learning Program


The Department of Banking and Financial Management of the University of Piraeus is announcing the launching of the E-learning Program of Banking and Financial Management using distance-learning products based on web technology.

Advances in technology have allowed for the growth of collaborative web-based learning opportunities. E-learning is an approach to facilitate and enhance learning through based on both computer and communications technology. The department is wishing to take advantage of its top experienced professors either from the academic or professional environment and its material and technical infrastructure in order to create quality online courses and educate all candidates on issues relevant to banking and financial analysis.

The software is an educational platform that provides a user-friendly electronic environment and enables anytime, anywhere access for all participants. It allows the classroom to extend onto the web by posting electronic journals and resources or assigning and collecting assignments. Moreover, the computer-based training incorporates technologies that support interactivity and achieve ease of access and attendance using on line education tools and non-synchronous activities such as blogs and discussion forums.

Thus, the program is giving the opportunity, through the educational process, to all trainees to come in contact with the latest developments and innovative methods applied in the sectors of money markets and banking systems and, therefore, either to acquire for the first time relevant knowledge that will allow them to have better access in the job market or extend their knowledge in the frames of their profession.

The curriculum consists of 6 Educational Categories and a separate category of English courses. Κάθε μία Ενότητα αποτελείται από ένα συγκεκριμένο αριθμό υπο-ενοτήτων. The Topics (and sub-sections) of the program are being outlined below, while it is clear that the Department retains the flexibility to adjust (by adding or removing or changing) the units offered subject to availability of faculty members and international developments in areas as described below:


blue Topic 1: Using Economic Indicators to Better Investment Decisions

Loans and Investments
Inflation, deflation, deflation – Risks and Opportunities for Banks, Investors, Enterprises and Households
Macroeconomics – With Emphasis on credit cycles and the banking crisis
Money and Banking


blue Topic 2: Financial System: Economic Analysis and Legal Framework

Financial Management for Business Executives


blue Topic 3: Financing SMEs

Mergers and Acquisitions
Principles of Microeconomics Theory


blue Topic 4: International Trade & Investment


blue Topic 5: Asset / Liability Management of Banks


blue Topic 6: Accounting and Auditing

Financial Statement Analysis
International Accounting Standards
Accounting for Banks and Enterprises
Accounting for Lawyers


blue English courses

Preparation for the TOEIC Test
A1-B1 (Beginners)
B2-C1 (Advanced)
Preparation for the TOEFL Test


blue Other courses

MS Word
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint