Academic Seminars – Spring Semester 2009 – 2010

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Spring Semester 2009 – 2010

University of Piraeus, Department of Banking and Financial Management

Weekly Seminar Series

Organizers: Gikas A. Hardouvelis, George Skiadopoulos

Information:  Georgios Karalas,


Th, Feb. 25, 16:15 -18:00
Christine Parlour, U.C. Berkeley, US 
Laying off Credit Risk: Loan Sales versus Credit Default Swaps
Christine Parlour
Th, Mar. 04, 16:15 -18:00
Peter Schotman, Maastricht University, Netherlands 
Efficient Estimation of Firm-Specific Betas and its Benefits for Asset Pricing Tests and Portfolio Choice 
Peter Schotman
Th, Mar. 11, 16:15 -18:00
Dimitris Thomakos, University of Peloponnese, Greece
Multivariate NoVaS & Inference on Conditional Correlations
Dimitris Thomakos
Th, Mar. 18, 16:15 -18:00
Suleyman Basak, London Business School, UK 
Strategic Asset Allocation in Money Management
Suleyman Basak


Th, Apr. 15, 16:15 -18:00
Wofgang Härdle, Humboldt University, Germany
Weather Derivatives and Pricing Temperature in Asia 
Wofgang Härdle
Th, Apr. 22, 16:15 -18:00
Andreas Andrikopoulos, University of Aegean, Greece
The Capital Structure Choice and the Consumption Tax
Th, Apr. 29, 16:15 -18:00
Margarita Tsoutsoura, Columbia University, US
The Effect of Succession Taxes on Family Firm Investment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment 
Margarita Tsoutsoura
Th, May. 06, 16:15 -18:00
Denis Gromb, INSEAD, France
Financially Constrained Arbitrage and Cross-Market Contagion
Denis Gromb

Th, May. 13, 16:15 -18:00
Amit Goyal
, Emory University, US
Investing in a Global World

Amit Goyal
Th, May. 20, 16:15 -18:00
Michalis Haliassos,  Goethe University, Germany
Financial Advice and Account Performance
Michalis Haliassos
Th, May. 27, 16:15 -18:00
Marta Szymanowska, Erasmus University, Netherlands
The Cross-Section of Commodity Futures Returns
Marta Szymanowska
Th, Jun. 03, 16:15 -18:00
Stewart Hodges,  City University, UK
Fixed odds bookmaking with stochastic betting demands 
Stewart Hodges
Th, Jun. 10, 16:15 -18:00
Riccardo Calcagno, VU University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Hostile vs. Friendly Bidders in Takeover Contests 
Riccardo Calcagno

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