PhD Program offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Bologna

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PhD Program offered by the Department of Economics at the University of Bologna (DSE)



This program aims at training students for a career as economists in academic institutions or in research departments of corporations, public organizations, financial institutions and the government.


The program has a standard organization and is taught in English. In the first year students are asked to take six courses in quantitative methods, microeconomics and macroeconomics. By the end of the first year they will also have to choose a field of specialization and a research supervisor. In the second year, students will choose six more advanced courses consistent with their field of specialization. The rest of the program is devoted to work on the dissertation. To this aim students will be asked to present their papers in the monthly PhD informal meetings and in the more formal PhD forums.


The considerable diversification of research areas covered by the members of the DSE and their international reputation provide an outstanding environment where students of most fields in economics may find research ideas and tight guidance for their doctoral studies.


More information is available at > Admissions 2012.

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With LMEC, the PhD in Economics is part of the Graduate Program in Economics at the University of Bologna. LMEC is a two-year Master of Science. Courses cover core areas of theoretical and empirical economics with particular emphasis on a rigorous quantitative approach. For more information on LMEC, please visit