Academic Seminars, Fall Semester 2016-2017

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Fall Semester 2016 – 2017
University of Piraeus, Department of Banking and Financial Management


Organizers: Michail Anthropelos, George Skiadopoulos


Th, Oct. 13 16:15-18:00

Gikas Hardouvelis, University of Piraeus

Style Concentration of Ownership and Expected Stock Returns


Th, Oct. 20 16:15-18:00

Zacharias Sautner, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

The Retention Effects of Unvested Equity: Evidence from Accelerated Option Vesting

Th, Oct. 27 16:15-18:00

Laurent Bach, Stockholm School of Economics

Rich Pickings? Risk, Return, and Skill in the Portfolios of the Wealthy

Th, Nov. 3 16:15-18:00

Chendi Zhang, The University of Warwick

Employee satisfaction, labor market flexibility and stock returns around the world

Th, Nov. 10 16:15-18:00

Ulf Axelson, London School of Economics

Informational Black Holes in Financial Markets

Th, Nov. 24 16:15-18:00

Alexander Hillert, University of Mannheim

Mutual Fund Shareholder Letters: Flows, Performance, and Managerial Behavior

Th, Dec. 8 16:15-18:00

Sebastian Pfeil, University of Bonn

A Dynamic Agency Theory of Delegated Investment

Th, Dec. 15 16:15-18:00

Norman Schurhoff, University of Lausanne

Relationship Trading in OTC Markets

Th, Dec. 22 16:15-18:00

Dimos Andronoudis, London School of Economics

‘Conservative Accounting and Risk: The Case of Research and Development

Th, Jan. 12 16:15-18:00

Maria Marchica, University of Manchester

Access to Collateral and The Democratization of Credit: France’s Reform of the Napoleonic Code