Seminar Invitation-Thursday 10th November 2016-Ulf Axelson

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The Department of Banking and Financial Management announces the upcoming seminar with Prof. Ulf Axelson, LSE

Prof. Ulf Axelson will present:

Informational Black Holes in Financial Markets


We study how well primary financial markets allocate capital when information about investment opportunities is dispersed across market participants. Paradoxically, the fact that information is valuable for real investment decisions destroys the efficiency of the market. To add to the paradox, as the number of market participants with useful information increases a growing share of them fall into an “informational black hole”, making markets even less efficient. Contrary to the predictions of standard theory, social surplus and the revenues of an entrepreneur seeking financing can be decreasing in the size of the market, and collusion among investors may enhance efficiency.

Time and Place

November 10, 2016

Time: 16.15-18.00

Place: Room 013

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