Prof. N. Apergis, Highly Cited Researcher

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Nov. 21, 2019

Highly Cited Researchers

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Prof. Nick Apergis is recognized among the world’s most influential researchers of the past decade, demonstrated by the production of multiple highly-cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science.

  • The Highly Cited Researchers list from the Web of Science Group identifies scientists and social scientists who have demonstrated significant influence through publication of multiple papers, highly cited by their peers, during the last decade.
  • Researchers are selected for their exceptional performance in one or more of 21 fields (those used in the Web of Science Group’s Essential Science Indicators , or ESI) or across several fields.
  • All Highly Cited Researcher records are reviewed. Factors such as retractions, misconduct, and extreme self-citation—all of which would detract from true community-wide research influence—may lead to an author being excluded or suppressed from the list. Approximately 6,200 researchers are named Highly Cited Researchers in 2019—some 3,700 in specific fields and about 2,500 for cross-field performance. This is the second year that researchers with cross-field impact are identified. The recognition of researchers with substantial influence in several fields keeps the Highly Cited Researcher list contemporary and relevant.
  • The number of researchers selected in each field is based on the square root of the population of authors listed on the field’s highly cited papers. The number of those with cross-field influence is determined by finding those who have influence equivalent to those identified in the 21 fields.
  • For the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers analysis, the papers surveyed were the most recent papers available to us—those published and cited during 2008-2018 and which then ranked in the top 1% by citations for their ESI field and year (the definition of a highly cited paper).
  • The threshold number of highly cited papers for selection differs by field, with Clinical Medicine requiring the most and Economics & Business the least.
  • A second criterion for selection is a citation count to highly cited papers that ranks a researcher in the top 1% by citations in an ESI field for the period surveyed.