Scientific Researcher in Finance

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Scientific Researcher in Finance


The call is for a Scientific Researcher in Finance to be employed under the research grant on the Project “Informational Content of Market Option Prices” awarded by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI, ΕΛΙΔΕΚ in Greek). The selected candidate will work under the supervision of Professor
George Skiadopoulos to whom the research grant has been awarded.

Terms & Conditions:

This is a full-time job which precludes any other employment in parallel. The scientific researcher will be remunerated under a fixed term private law employment contract, under the Greek law. Salary will be competitive. The appointment may last 25-36 months. The applicant should speak Greek fluently for the purposes of setting up an account with the Greek tax authorities.

Job description:

The selected candidate will be employed as a Research Assistant (Scientific Associate) to the Project “Informational Content of Market Option Prices”. The project will examine how the information contained in market option prices can be used to address timely topics of interest in asset pricing, asset management and prediction of expected returns. Among other duties, the selected candidate will prepare existing datasets (e.g., CRSP, Compustat, Optionmetrics and other WRDS
embedded modules) for further analysis, conduct empirical analysis, review the literature, and prepare reports. The applicant is expected to contribute with her/his own ideas and suggestions, too.

Job post Scientific Researcher in Finance