19 May | ICAEW Business Challenge and Careers Networking 2023 supported by SOEL 2.30pm – 7.30pm

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ICAEW Business Challenge event and career networking supported by SOEL will take place on Friday 19 May from 2.30pm until 7.30pm at NJV Athens Plaza hotel.


What is it?

This event is a unique opportunity for participating students to network with potential employers, demonstrate their employability skills, learn about a career in chartered accountancy, add participation to their CV and compete against other students from prestigious universities locally to win a range of prizes sponsored by the participating firms.

The event organisers have invited a small number of employers to attend who are actively looking to recruit new ACA students for 2023. The purpose of the event is to attract top talent and help connect them with local employers. All students participating bring a copy of an up to date CV and attend dressed in smart business attire.


How it works


On the day, in teams of 6, students will compete in one of our successful business challenges where they will take on the role of chartered accountants and develop strategic advice in response to a real life business issue, which is modelled on the final ACA exam, the Case Study.

Each team will be allocated with a recently qualified professional to mentor them through the tasks and the students’ performance will be assessed throughout the business challenge by a panel of judges who will be acting as the company’s Board of Directors. They will be assessed in a range of areas, including teamwork, leadership, presentation, ethics, analytical and problem-solving skills. The judges attending will be the firms senior Partners and to whom students will present their recommendations to.

After the business challenge we will hold an employer careers fair where students will have the opportunity to meet potential employers, learn about available ACA training opportunities and present their CVs.


Prizes to the winners:

Based on the students’ performance over the day, the judges will award the winning students with prizes that will be sponsored by the firms attending. 


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