2023 ESG for Banks, Firms and Institutional Investors: Advances and Challenges – May 31, 2023

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Following the highly visible the 2021 and 2022 conferences, the 2023 conference will address a wide range of topics on ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) of interest to banks, corporates, institutional investors, regulators, policy makers, and supervisors in Greece and abroad. This is a high-quality international conference organized by two prominent organizations to inform all interested parties on the latest developments in the ESG field and discuss challenges and solutions.

Distinguished academic and professional speakers from prestigious organizations will deliver in-depth presentations and convey their experience to inform the audience on what it takes for all stakeholders to succeed in this demanding reformulation of practices in the finance industry.

Conference highlights

  • The current landscape and beyond
    • Do we need ESG?
    • Disagreement in ESG ratings: What is the real problem?
    • How are sustainable investing trends supporting financial and social inclusion?
    • Impact Investing 2.0: Achieving scale and acceptance
    • Beyond climate: Nature, biodiversity, and the financial sector
  • Institutional investors: Should/do they care?
    • Do sustainability investments outperform?
    • ESG alpha, Silicon Valley Bank and Adani
    • Do institutional investors care about climate change risks?
    • How easy is it to decarbonize investors’ portfolios?
  • Banking: Challenges
    • Implementing ESG practices in banking: The steps
    • How easy is it for banks to adapt to ESG regulation?
    • Strategy alignment and KPIs
    • The changing role of sustainability professionals?
  • Corporates: Case studies
    • Metal and energy companies: Polluters or innovators?
    • Real estate and ESG adoption: Is the transformation feasible?
    • Coping with greenwashing
  • Regulation: Does it help?
    • Role of regulation in shaping sustainable investing trends globally
    • EU Sustainable Finance Policy Agenda: State-of-play and priorities
    • Green transition financing
  • Accounting standards: Do they have a role to play?
    • Do financial statements capture firms’ externalities?
    • Sustainable reporting: Effects & Implementation
    • Greenwashing: Do we do enough?

The conference is organized by Professor George Skiadopoulos, Director of IFFR and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). IFFR is a leading international research center which bridges the gap between finance industry and academia. Experts, academics and professionals from prominent universities and institutions conduct state-of- the-art research on current and emerging topics of interest to the finance industry, regulators, and policy makers. EBRD is owned by 71 countries as well as the EU and the EIB. Since 1991, it has played a historic role and gained unique expertise in fostering change, by investing more than €170 billion in some 6,400 projects across three continents. The EBRD is now committed to ensuring that, by 2025, the majority of its business volume is green.

Registration is free. You may find videos and information for past conferences here [20212022].

Registration link – iffr.gr