Ethics workshop titled “Ethical Decision Making in the Investment Industry”

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Global Ethics Day is on 16 October, 2019. In support of this day, CFA Society Greece is hosting an Ethics workshop titled

“Ethical Decision Making in the Investment Industry

with keynote speaker Sonia Gandhi, Director – Ethics Education and Professional Standards, CFA Institute London

on Tuesday, 5 November, 2019 from 19:00-21:00 at Electra Palace Hotel (18-20 N, Navarchou Nikodimou St.).


Being able to work successfully amid ambiguity is increasingly cited as a critical skill in modern workplaces. Ethical dilemmas are a form of workplace ambiguity, readily generated by the competing priorities in finance and investment business. It is a common misconception that unethical action is an uncommon occurrence, performed by already bad people. On the contrary, ethical dilemmas are entirely commonplace occurrences, and often result in perfectly good people deciding to do questionable things – driven by psychological biases, social & organizational factors, and situational influences that can affect decision making and behaviour.
The Ethical Decision Making workshop will use case studies to explore and discuss how biases, factors, and influences lead to weaknesses in how we process information which increases the risk of unethical behaviour. The workshop broadly has three goals:
1. To encourage participants to become more conscious about their thoughts and behaviours, so that they are more likely to notice, and act upon ethical issues before they become a problem.
2. To recognize that ethical dilemmas are a normal and predictable part of most jobs.
3. To discuss and practice approaches for dealing with ethical dilemmas.
If you are interested and able to attend the workshop, please let us know by sending an email to by 29 October, 2019.

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